Our First “Making a PAWSitive Difference” Donation!

We are thrilled that we were recently able to make our first semi-annual contribution to our Making a PAWSitive Difference program charities.  Thanks to the support of our clients, we were able to contribute a total of over $1,000 and 44 cans/bags of pet food to the three charities!

We launched our Making a PAWSitive Difference program in January with a commitment to make a $25 contribution to one of the three participating charities whenever a client worked with us to put a new will or trust in place.  Each client putting the new will or trust in place gets to designate which of the three charities he or she wants to receive our $25 donation.

We are also collecting donations of unopened cans or bags of pet food in our office (Thank you to our clients whose donations helped us get to the total of 44 cans/bags of pet food!).   So if your pets suddenly decide they don’t like their food anymore (after you just stocked up) and you don’t know what to do with it, you are welcome to donate it at our office.

Our Making a PAWSitive Difference program is designed to help support charitable programs that are working to keep pets with their families.  The charities we are supporting this year through our Making A PAWSitive Difference program are 1) SPCA Tampa Bay’s Pebble’s Food Bank, 2) CASA’s Pet Shelter Kennel and 3) Suncoast Hospice’s Pet Peace of Mind program.

Thank you to our three charity partners for making such a PAWSitive difference for the pet parents in our community, especially during these challenging times!